Dharma & Martia is committed to help the LGBQTI persons from Middle East in all stages of their lives including resettlement & migration. As the situation of LGBTQI rights in Middle East may take a long time to get to where the rest of the countries in the world are, we believe and understand the challenges of the living conditions of the LGBTQI persons in this region of the world and do our best to provide the best of advice and support to those who have to flee and seek saftey elsewhere. Areas that we work with:

  • Dharma & Martia has the aid of experts in the field of asylum and can provide legal advice on this matter.
  • We have strong collaboration with other organizations who work with LGBTQI rights to cover various needs of the community. This includes but is not limited to housing, legal advice, social support, victim support, etc.
  • One of the most important ingredients of a successful resettlement is to connect to a network that provides you with the right information and moral support in this path. Migration and seeking asylum is not easy and sometimes can take some years before it is concluded. We at Dharma & Martia are committed to provide the best of possible support to enhance the transition and make it as tollorable as possible.
  • By providing educational content, we work on raising awareness among the members of the community regarding their rights as informaiton and knowledge is always the best defence.

To get help regarding resettlement and migration, please become a member of Dharma & Martia using the form in the membership section.

After becoming a member of Dharma & Martia free of charge, we will assess your needs and try to help you as best as we can.

If any questions, please contact info@dharmamartia.org


Dharma & Martia is a network that supports LGBTQI rights in Middle East.

We work internationally to provide what it takes to impact lives of LGBTQI persons from Middle East, either in their home country or on the flee, or upon arrival to the third country.

We collect reports of violations of human rights of LGBTQI persons in Middle East in any stage of their lives they may be in collaboration  with our friend organizations and groups.



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