At Dharma & Martia, we thrive in many areas and not just one. Providing first hand and credible news to the world is one of them. As our activism and scope of work expands, so does our news coverage. Currently we provide coverage on our work as well as vetted news on what is on and happening in different corners of the world in Persian and English.

News coverage in other languages that are mainly spoken in the Middle East is a work in progress that we hope soon will be offered and added to our excellency.

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News in Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian, Hebrew & Turkish are coming soon!

To request news coverage or send content on what is happening or you are knowledgable of, please refer to the contact us section of any of the two above mentioned websites.

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Dharma & Martia is a network that supports LGBTQI rights in Middle East.

We work internationally to provide what it takes to impact lives of LGBTQI persons from Middle East, either in their home country or on the flee, or upon arrival to the third country.

We collect reports of violations of human rights of LGBTQI persons in Middle East in any stage of their lives they may be in collaboration  with our friend organizations and groups.


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