Dharma & Martia as part of International Human Rights Center of Excellence ,is Focused on LGBTQI Rights in Middle East.

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The board of directors of Dharma & Martia is elected on a yearly basis by the members democtatically.


Check our past and future events here. Feel free to suggest the type of events you would like us to organize.


Read and Report human rights violations that happens to LGBTQI persons in Middle East here.

Breaking News


Solidarity with Orlando Victims

Dharma & Martia together with RFSL made history.

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Past Events

Our IDAHOT 2016 event together with Amnesty International - Stockholm was smashing!

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Rainbow Norooz Celebration

The First ever  Norooz celebration was organized by Dharma & Martia at RFSL Stockholm. A huge success!

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Edlfesten Celebration

The First ever official presence of the LGBTQI community in the world's largest Chahar Shanbe Soori was a huge success!

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Pride Events

LGBTQI Rights - Iranian Perspective

Joins us in our seminar on LGBTQI Rights in Stockholm Pride!

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Talent Management: Opportunities & Obstacles.

Joins us in our seminar on LGBTQI Rights at work in Stockholm Pride!

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Dharma & Martia Supported GLAAD Spirit Day.

We took the pledge against bulling along with the rest of the world...

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Queer Persian Dance Workshop

Joins us in our dance workshop in Stockholm Pride!

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We are currently recuiting our board members. Please send your CV and letter of intent to:


If Interested. Feel free to contact us @ info@dharmamartia.org for any questions or inqueries you may have.

Please note that to become a member of our board, there is no geographical limitation nor any limitation with age, gender, sexuality or nationality to name a few.


Now you can book an appointment for consultation with us.

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Do you want to report human rights violations in your country, or on the flee or even your country of destinationa as a Middle Eastern LGBTQI person?

Then click here...

Now you can become a member of Dharma & Martia Network. There are many advantages in becoming one.

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About Us

How do you invest in LGBTQI rights? How do you help for LGBTQI persons to have a better future?

You probably care for the cause that we work on which is why you are here.

If you think it is important to fight against the bad guys, if you want to see a future that is more human than today, donate!

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Dharma & Martia is an International network that supports LGBTQI rights in Middle East.

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Our Friend Organizations

Our Moto is Collaboration!

We work wih many friend organizations globally. Learn about them here!

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News in Persian

D & M News!

We work wih many friend organizations globally to facilitate access to the latest news in different languages. Let's call this initiative Love is Love News! Here is news in Persian to begin with!

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Dharma & Martia is a network that supports LGBTQI rights in Middle East.

We work internationally to provide what it takes to impact lives of LGBTQI persons from Middle East, either in their home country or on the flee, or upon arrival to the third country.

We collect reports of violations of human rights of LGBTQI persons in Middle East in any stage of their lives they may be in collaboration  with our friend organizations and groups.



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