We constantly recriut volunteers to work with us in person or virtually for different tasks. Examples of such are as below:


- Event arrangement

- Publicity & Digital Strategy

- Content, research & educational material production

- Graphic design

- Photography

- Audio / Video production

- Translation

- Journalism

- Campaigning & Fund Raising

- Advocacy



Feel free to contact us if you find yourself interested in working with us. You may tell us what skill you have and how much itme you can spend on your voluntary tasks and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.


Alexander Ivanov

Russian Speaking Volunteer


Armenian Speaking Volunteer

Ehsan Parsi

Pesian Translation / Writer

Ezel Buse

Turkish Speaking Activist / Writer


Persian Speaking Translator / Writer



Dharma & Martia is a network that supports LGBTQI rights in Middle East.


We work locally within Sweden and internationally to provide what it takes to impact lives of LGBTQI persons from Middle East, either in their home country or on the flee, or upon arrival to the third country.


We collect reports of violations of human rights of LGBTQI persons in Middle East in any stage of their lives they may be in collaboration with our friend organizations and groups.

Orhun Gündüz

Turkish Speaking Volunteer

International Law and Asylum Expert Volunteer

Bahar Malavan Naryndji

Farah Mohajer

Persian & Turkish Writer / Activist

Legal Advisor

Eva Haddadi


Stockholm, Sweden


(46) 72 048 0105

(01) 404 461 96 56

(44) 020 8133 8687


Email: info@dharmamartia.org

Web: www.dharmamartia.org

Twiter: @DharmaMartia

Telgram: https://telegram.me/DharmaMartia

Instagram: dharma_martia

Rachad Habib

Arabic Speaking Volunteer

Ehud Udi Tzvieli

Hebrew / Swedish / French / English Speaking Volunteer

Specialized in Working with Newcomers & LGBTQI Asylum Seekers

Maria K.

Persian Speaking Translator / Writer



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